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Michael Harner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Power Practices.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What element is often reported in many successful guardian spirit journeys?
(a) Confusion.
(b) Synchronicity.
(c) Bliss.
(d) Satisfaction.

2. What is a shaman able to do to restore health in a person with the assistance of appropriate spirit helpers?
(a) Increase positive messages entering the mind through the whispers of spirit helpers.
(b) Remove pockets of dark energy stuck inside the patient's blood vessels.
(c) Suck negative magical darts from a patient's body.
(d) Channel energy from healing realms.

3. After a journey that lasts several days in the jungle with his companions, Harner is taken where?
(a) On another journey to experience higher levels of reality.
(b) To a ledge overlooking an enchanted valley.
(c) To the source of the Amazon to meet the highest shaman.
(d) Beneath a waterfall for a mystical experience.

4. According to Jivaro tradition, a shaman must seek out a guardian spirit how often?
(a) At least every two weeks.
(b) No more than once a month.
(c) On an empty stomach.
(d) During a full moon.

5. What does the author encounter when he drinks maikua?
(a) Dangerous creatures.
(b) A frightening emptiness.
(c) Beloved pets he knew as a child.
(d) Winged benevolent beings.

Short Answer Questions

1. In some traditions, how is a quartz crystal recharged?

2. How does a guardian spirit animal encountered in Lowerworld often communicate with the shaman?

3. When the apprentice shaman emerges from the tunnel and enters Lowerworld, what animal does Harner say the participant will never see?

4. If SSC stands for shamanic state of consciousness, what does OSC stand for?

5. Most cultures believe that a shaman can have how many guardian animals at a time?

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