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Michael Harner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, The Shamanic Journey: Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a journey that lasts several days in the jungle with his companions, Harner is taken where?
(a) To the source of the Amazon to meet the highest shaman.
(b) Beneath a waterfall for a mystical experience.
(c) On another journey to experience higher levels of reality.
(d) To a ledge overlooking an enchanted valley.

2. If SSC stands for shamanic state of consciousness, what does OSC stand for?
(a) Ordinary state of consciousness.
(b) Ordinary shamanic consciousness.
(c) Orthogonal state of consciousness.
(d) Other-worldly shamanic consciousness.

3. How does the author describe his world during a shamanic state of consciousness?
(a) "Mildly disturbing, and an incredible trip."
(b) "Marvelous, infinite, otherworldly."
(c) "New, and yet familiarly ancient universe."
(d) "Simultaneously familiar, unfamiliar, and complete."

4. What does the author tell an aspiring shaman to do upon returning from his or her first journey?
(a) Immediately stand and walk around.
(b) Go to sleep.
(c) Describe the journey aloud.
(d) Drink a glass of water.

5. What must the shaman feed his spirit helpers?
(a) Coffee nectar.
(b) Vanilla beans.
(c) Tobacco water.
(d) Ground allspice.

Short Answer Questions

1. To learn more about shamanism, what does Harner do?

2. Which of the following does NOT help a shaman enter a shamanic state of consciousness?

3. Why does Harner say it's important that the shaman does not tell the patient's family that he already has the ordinary form of the spirit in his mouth?

4. What does the Jivaro shaman help Harner acquire?

5. In his attempt to find spirit helpers with the assistance of a Jivaro shaman from Ecuador, what does the author do?

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