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Michael Harner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Power Practices.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Included in the reports from participants of Harner's first guided shamanic exercise are:
(a) Detailed conversations with star people and other extraterrestrials.
(b) Numerous cases of people experiencing nausea and vertigo.
(c) Suggestions on what to do when encountering an impenetrable obstacle.
(d) Accounts of disappearing momentarily and not being seen by others in the room.

2. If SSC stands for shamanic state of consciousness, what does OSC stand for?
(a) Other-worldly shamanic consciousness.
(b) Ordinary shamanic consciousness.
(c) Orthogonal state of consciousness.
(d) Ordinary state of consciousness.

3. What is the purpose of rapid drumming during the guided journey that Harner takes new students through?
(a) To bring the person back to ordinary reality.
(b) To help the person connect to his or her own heartbeat.
(c) To move the student through stages of non-ordinary reality.
(d) To keep the student from falling asleep during the exercise.

4. A shaman might enter a shamanic state of consciousness to bring back messages for whom?
(a) A patient's loved ones.
(b) A patient in ordinary reality.
(c) Doctors treating a patient.
(d) Non-traditional doctors in ordinary reality.

5. Power practice involves the use of power objects, which almost always are:
(a) Found in nature.
(b) Teeth and bones extracted from hunted animals.
(c) Handcrafted by the shaman's companion.
(d) Passed down from shaman to shaman.

Short Answer Questions

1. After a novice receives an answer from a guardian spirit animal, what does Harner recommend he or she do?

2. An especially powerful type of power object is the quartz crystal, which a shaman often associates with:

3. How does the 1562 book, "Natural Magick," make reference to shamans?

4. Why does Harner state that it doesn't matter whether the animal that has appeared is fierce or gentle?

5. Why does a shaman enter a shamanic state of consciousness?

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