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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the characters wish to do with the moment they share in the restaurant in Section 4?

2. Which subject do the children appear to have a strong grasp of?

3. Who professes that Bernard looks composed?

4. What does Neville declare himself to be in Section 3?

5. What does Bernard acknowledge about his and the other boys' first night at school?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the way Section 3's introduction, the italicized vignette, fits in with the rest of Section 3 as a whole.

2. Briefly analyze how the characters have developed as a group in the first two sections of the novel.

3. Why is Bernard's announcement of his engagement in Section 4 significant?

4. How does the group act differently when Percival arrives in Section 4?

5. What is significant about displaying the children in school in the novel's first section?

6. Briefly analyze Neville's attitude towards religion.

7. Describe how each character is presented in Section 1.

8. As the characters appear in Section 2, do you feel that they are becoming more or less self-aware? Briefly explain your answer with relevant examples from the text.

9. What is significant about the opening description to Section 4?

10. Bernard is clearly becoming the most central of the six characters. Describe his characteristics as he appears in Section 3.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In a detailed essay, outline the role Rhoda plays in the group. Is she a kind of tragic hero? What is the source or her paralysis and misanthropy? Fully describe this character using ample textual evidence.

Essay Topic 2

Evaluate the structure of this novel in the course of a detailed essay. Evaluate and identify the rising and falling action as well as the climax. Explain whether this text would have been executed more effectively if Woolf had chosen a different form rather than the constant intertwining of interior monologues.

Essay Topic 3

For a novel that features characters who think so much about self-determination and identity, what does Woolf ultimately say about the quest for self-knowledge? Develop an argument that includes plenty of textual evidence to support your belief.

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