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Short Answer Questions

1. Who professes that Bernard looks composed?

2. Which of the characters muses on a book that he wishes to keep when he is older?

3. How would you characterize Neville's attitude as he waits for the others to arrive in Section 4?

4. Who does Bernard refer to as "the authentics" in Section 4?

5. In Section 3, what common action does Jinny find "strange"?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the characters appear in Section 2, do you feel that they are becoming more or less self-aware? Briefly explain your answer with relevant examples from the text.

2. What is the major event that occurs in Section 4, and why is it significant?

3. What is significant about the opening description to Section 4?

4. Describe how Section 2 is structured.

5. Describe the differences in Jinny and Rhoda's experience's while at school in Section 2.

6. Describe the fears, or the lack of fears, that the characters articulate in Section 3.

7. How are Jinny and Rhoda characterized in Section 3?

8. Which of the characters appears most at ease in Section 3, and why?

9. Why is it relevant that Bernard is the first speaker in Section 4?

10. Describe the way Section 3's introduction, the italicized vignette, fits in with the rest of Section 3 as a whole.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay which compares and contrasts any two of the sections' introductory vignettes. Pick one vignette which is typical of the whole novel, and one which is atypical (there are two in particular). What separates these vignettes? Include as many reasons as you can think of as to why Woolf would change her method at such a point in the text.

Essay Topic 2

Using ample textual evidence, agree or disagree with the statement that Woolf succeeds in authentically depicting the individual's quest for understanding of both self and the world around him or her. Develop an argument supported by the text.

Essay Topic 3

Evaluate the structure of this novel in the course of a detailed essay. Evaluate and identify the rising and falling action as well as the climax. Explain whether this text would have been executed more effectively if Woolf had chosen a different form rather than the constant intertwining of interior monologues.

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