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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Section 8, who oddly compares herself to a dog?
(a) Susan.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Neville.
(d) Jinny.

2. On what street is Rhoda walking when the reader encounters her in Section 5?
(a) Oxford Street.
(b) Hampton Court.
(c) Strawberry Hill.
(d) Comstock Hill.

3. What is the effect of the sun's beams at the beginning of Section 5?
(a) They burn and destroy what they touch.
(b) They produce a glare off of everything they touch.
(c) They turn everything they touch white.
(d) They clearly define the objects they touch.

4. Where has the sun moved to at the beginning of Section 6?
(a) It is just rising.
(b) It is not out at all because it is night.
(c) It is past the mid-point in the sky.
(d) It is setting.

5. Which of the characters recognizes themselves as the group's strongest member in Section 5?
(a) Bernard.
(b) Neville.
(c) Louis.
(d) Susan.

6. With what event in Bernard's life does the major news in Section 5 coincide?
(a) The death of his father.
(b) Jinny's engagement.
(c) His wedding.
(d) The birth of his first child.

7. What are the two dominant images of Section 8's introduction?
(a) Both the waves and the sun are sinking in power.
(b) The nighttime sky and the calm waters.
(c) The sun sinking as the waves become the dominant image.
(d) The waves receding as the sun burns brighter.

8. In Section 8, what happens between Rhoda and Louis?
(a) They fight in private.
(b) They do not speak to each other.
(c) They talk and rectify their past differences.
(d) They agree to get married.

9. What is the dominant feature of the monologues during the middle of Section 8?
(a) Bernard speaks alone.
(b) Only Susan and Neville speak.
(c) Only Rhoda and Percival speak.
(d) There is constant interplay.

10. What is most notable about Jinny's Section 6 monologue?
(a) She does not mention the children she has.
(b) She speaks in iambic pentameter.
(c) She does not mention any of the other characters.
(d) She speaks solely about herself and Percival.

11. What is the first thing the reader learns in Section 5?
(a) That Neville has moved.
(b) That Bernard is divorced.
(c) That Jinny is married.
(d) That Percival has died.

12. In Section 7, how does the poem which Louis muses on begin?
(a) "The rain set early in to-night . . ."
(b) "O western wind . . ."
(c) "One must have a mind of winter . . ."
(d) "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan . . ."

13. In Section 8, who says, "I have been torn apart"?
(a) Jinny.
(b) Rhoda.
(c) Bernard.
(d) Neville.

14. Who is Section 6's last speaker?
(a) Rhoda.
(b) Neville.
(c) Bernard.
(d) Jinny.

15. Which of the characters begins Section 8?
(a) Bernard.
(b) Louis.
(c) Rhoda.
(d) Susan.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 5, how does Bernard describe Percival's presence in the lives of the other characters?

2. In Section 8, when does Bernard arrive in relation to the other characters?

3. Where do we learn Bernard travels to in Section 7?

4. At one point in Section 6, Jinny says she is being "flung up, and flung down, like . . ." what?

5. Which speaker follows Susan in Section 7?

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