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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asserts, "One moment does not lead to another" in Section 4?
(a) Jinny.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Susan.
(d) Rhoda.

2. What "ceremony" does Bernard dislike so much?
(a) Going to school.
(b) Formal farewells.
(c) Celebrating holidays.
(d) Having a family dinner.

3. Who "only understands cries of love, hate, rage and pain"?
(a) Louis.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Rhoda.
(d) Susan.

4. Who professes that Bernard looks composed?
(a) Percival.
(b) Susan.
(c) Neville.
(d) Louis.

5. What is Louis doing upon the commencement of his major monologue in Section 3?
(a) Writing.
(b) Reading and eating.
(c) Meeting Bernard and Neville.
(d) Meeting Susan.

6. Who arrives to pick up Rhoda at the end of Section 1?
(a) Her Aunt.
(b) Percival.
(c) Biddy.
(d) Miss Hudson.

7. Who repeats variations of the phrase, "I will gather my flowers and present them--Oh! to whom?"
(a) Bernard.
(b) Rhoda.
(c) Jinny.
(d) Susan.

8. How is the singing of the birds described in Section 3's opening?
(a) Ominous.
(b) Silent.
(c) Cacophonous.
(d) Harmonious.

9. In Section 4, how would you characterize the characters' attitude towards each other?
(a) Generally negative.
(b) Elation.
(c) Mostly favorable.
(d) Indifferent.

10. Who says, "Now let us issue from the darkness of solitude" at one point in Section 4?
(a) Percival.
(b) Neville.
(c) Louis.
(d) Bernard.

11. With what is Neville most unhappy as he appears in Section 4?
(a) That Susan does not love him as he loves her.
(b) That Percival has not yet arrived.
(c) That Bernard is rude to him.
(d) That his food is cold.

12. What image is Susan reminded of at the end of her monologue in Section 3?
(a) Jinny kissing Louis.
(b) The waves crashing on the beach.
(c) The estate at Elvedon.
(d) A sermon in church.

13. Who does Bernard refer to as a "drunken sailor?"
(a) Dr. Crane.
(b) Neville.
(c) Percival.
(d) Louis.

14. In what city is Bernard in the beginning of Section 4?
(a) Ipswich.
(b) London.
(c) Leeds.
(d) Liverpool.

15. Who hears "something stamping"?
(a) Neville.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Louis.
(d) Rhoda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is enamored with the light caused by Miss Lambert's ring?

2. Why have the characters gathered in Section 4?

3. Who kissed Louis in the garden?

4. Who tells Rhoda in Section 1 that someone has arrived to pick her up?

5. Who utters Section 4's final words, "Now Percival is gone"?

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