The Waves Character Descriptions

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Bernard - This character, an astute observer of other people, loves to make up phrases and stories, often at the annoyance of friends.

Louis - This character is an outsider who exhibits many insecurities about identity, though ultimately finds contentment through some unorthodox decisions.

Neville - This character spends much of the novel confident in his/her identity, but is ultimately unable to adjust to the drastic changes that occur in life.

Jinny - This character, perhaps the most materialistic in the novel, is highly self-aware, yet seems to lack the ability to connect deeply with the other characters.

Susan - This character exhibits a strong preference for rural scenery rather than that of the urban sprawl, and while he/she remains aware of shortcomings, he/she clearly finds contentment by the novel's conclusion.

Rhoda - More than any other character this one actively seeks isolation and...

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