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Section 1

• Section 1 begins with a short section which describes all the elements of an early morning.

• Each of the characters, all children, are introduced with a line of monologue.

• Louis and Jinny share a kiss in the garden, which Susan witnesses and is confused by.

• The children take grammar and mathematics lessons from their teacher, Miss Hudson.

• After the lessons, the children take a walk in the countryside with Mrs. Constable, their caregiver.

Section 2

• As in Section 1, and as in all the sections, Section 2 begins with an italicized description of a day's progress, now a little past early morning.

• The boys, Louis, Neville, and Bernard are all leaving for boarding school.

• Each of the boys displays a variety of excitement and/or nervousness.
• At the same time, the girls are also preparing to leave for school.

• Again, the girls display the variety of emotions when one leaves for...

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