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Short Answer Questions

1. What does etymological mean?

2. What fact about life does Bogus try to keep from Colm?

3. What was Bogus's job at the stadium?

4. Where was Biggie's check refused?

5. Why is Bogus having plumbing problems?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the theme of Bogus's letter to Consumer Reports relate to the speech he would have given "number 368" if he weren't so exhausted?

2. How did Bogus's tone change from letter to letter?

3. How did Biggie and Bogus's first night together differ from their daily life after marriage?

4. Explain what Bogus thinks disappeared with Merrill and how the two are related.

5. How did the dictionary symbolize Bogus's work ethic in life?

6. What offer does Tulpen make to Bogus? What reasoning does Tulpen give for her offer?

7. How do Biggie and Tulpen differ in their reactions to Akthelt and Gunnel?

8. How did Bogus's letter to Biggie differ from his daily interactions with her?

9. Why did Bogus describe Merrill as "the great illusion of my life"?

10. In Chapter 18, what comparison does Bogus make between Akthelt and Gunnel and his life?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of Chapter 1, Bogus laments to Dr. Vigneron, "I want change." How is this theme relevant to the destruction and resurrection of the main character?

Essay Topic 2

At various points in the novel, it is clear that Bogus's relationship with Tulpen begins to mirror his relationship with Biggie. The similarities between the women and the fact that Bogus hasn't changed makes this possible. However, both women have differences in the way they interact with Bogus, and this shapes Bogus's character along the way. Compare and contrast Biggie and Tulpen and the effect they have on Bogus.

Essay Topic 3

Why is it significant that Tulpen names her baby Merrill? What does Merrill's birth signify in Bogus's life? What developments in Bogus's life will set Merrill's birth apart from Colm's birth?

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