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Iowa - This place is where Bogus goes to graduate school and where he meets Ralph and Lydia.

The Pillsbury Estate - This place is a summer home in Maine.

Tulpen's Apartment - This place is full of aquariums with fish and turtles.

Akthelt and Gunnel - This object is the only known literature in Old Low Norse.

The Alps - This is where Biggie and Bogus met.

The Tank in the Danube - Merrill dies trying to reach this object.

Ralph Packer's Studio - This is where Bogus and Tulpen work.

Tulpen's Aquariums - These bother Bogus while he sleeps.

The Zoo - This place is considered a safe environment for Colm.

Risky Mouse - This object is protected by Bogus and hated by Biggie.

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