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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Chapters 1-3

In the beginning of the novel, Irving presents Bogus's urinary tract issues and the steps he is taking to handle the problem. This lesson will discuss the symbolism of the urinary issues.


1) Class Discussion: Bogus's problems cannot be identified by his father, a urologist. Dr. Vigneron identifies the problem quickly. How is this symbolic of his life and his relationship with his father and others? What effect might this have on his self-image? Can a connection be made between this situation and a Freudian concept? If so, what might that connection be, and what effect is it having on both father and son?

2) Small Group: Discuss the options Dr. Vigneron presents to Bogus. What would be the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of each option? Where might each lead Bogus down the line?

3) Reflective Writing: While Bogus is having bodily plumbing issues, he...

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