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Responsibility in the News

Bogus is very irresponsible throughout the book, and it has a lasting effect on many characters. Find a newspaper article that shows a lack of responsibility in some way. Write a paragraph explaining how the lack of responsibility affected those involved or society at large.

Dear Creditor

Bogus spends an entire chapter writing letters to creditors. They take on many different styles from lying to abuse to flattery. Write a "Bogus-letter" to a creditor using any method, from logical to outrageous, that you think would get you an extension on your bill.

This is Your LIfe, Bogus Trumper

As a summary review, break the class into small groups. Give each group a period of Bogus's life. Have the groups perform a skit recapping the important details from that time period in the novel.

The Water-Method Man Continues

Write a brief sequel to the novel...

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