The Water-method Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Chapters 1-3

* Bogus has urinary tract problems, but like with everything else in life, he avoids the tough choices and employs the Water-Method.

* Bogus declares he wants a change and a new life. He leaves his overbearing wife and moves in with his girlfriend who rarely speaks.

* Bogus sends a letter to his friend Couth asking for money to pay his bills, even though he has wasted much of his own income on family trips.

Chapters 4-6

* Bogus is unsettled by his insomnia and spends time dreaming about the past.

* Bogus analyzes his failure at translating Akthelt and Gunnel.

* Bogus sends another letter to Couth describing the tragedy of his own life and offering guilt-ridden praise to Couth.

Chapters 7-9

* Bogus explains how he and his co-workers each entered the film business and their current roles.

* Bogus is very poor with money management and spends an entire chapter...

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