Objects & Places from The Water Knife

Paolo Bacigalupi
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Desert Cadillac

This 1986 book by Marc Reisner is alluded to throughout The Water Knife. It is symbolic of the chances to do the right thing and prevent catastrophe that individuals and societies as a whole fail to capitalize on.


These plastic containers, used to convert human urine into drinkable water, symbolize poverty and desperation in The Water Knife.

Swimming Pools

These items are symbolic of a time in Arizona when people took water for granted and used it for decoration and entertainment rather than survival.

IDs and Uniforms

These items, provided to Angel by Catherine Chase, are symbolic of Angel’s privilege as well as his inability to be his authentic self. They symbolize Angel’s privilege because they grant him access to places, people, and resources that are simply unavailable to people who do not have the wealth and influence of a state like Nevada supporting...

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