The Water Knife Fun Activities

Paolo Bacigalupi
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Create a Map

Create a map of the different refugee camps, settlements, safe houses, etc. in the novel. How far does Maria travel in order to reach the border of Arizona?

Climate Change

The effects of climate change are a backdrop in The Water Knife. Conduct research on current results of climate change, including glacial melting, drought, and wildfires, and develop a presentation showing your findings.

Cast a Film

Imagine you are a casting director for a film adaptation of The Water Knife. Whom would you cast in the leading roles? Why? Develop a detailed cast list for the film.

News Clipping

Look in your local newspaper or archives for an article that involves some aspect of the novel and bring it to class. You will present it in front of the class and explain how it relates to the novel.

Character Obituary

Write an obituary for a...

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