The Water Knife Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paolo Bacigalupi
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Chapters 1 – 10

• All citations in this lesson plan refer to the Kindle edition of The Water Knife, published May 26, 2015.

• The narrative is related in the past tense from a third-person omniscient narrator and alternates between focusing on the perspectives of its three central characters: Angel, Lucy, and Maria.

• In Chapter 1, Angel’s boss, Catherine Case, had instructed Angel to fly to Carver City in Arizona and destroy the headquarters of the city’s water supply.

• Angel obeyed her orders, cutting off the water supply of more than 100,000 people.

• In Chapter 2, journalist Lucy Monroe awoke in her house in Phoenix, Arizona, a city on the brink of collapse due to a lack of water.

• Lucy received news of a murder and went to investigate, discovering that the dead man was her friend Jamie and that his body had been horribly mutilated.

• Lucy remembered Jamie telling her about a legal scheme...

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