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These are the creatures that attacked Roland and injured his right hand.

Gunbelt and Revolver

This used to belong to Roland but he has altered it so that Susannah can use it to learn to shoot.

Honk Mahfahs

These were people who tormented Susannah and her friends in Oxford Town. Roland reminds Susannah of the deeds of these people when he tries to make her angry enough to shoot well.

Susannah's Wheelchair

This was purchased from a medical supply house in New York in 1962. Roland and his group carry it with them through their journey along the beam to the Dark Tower.

Great West Woods

This is where Roland, Eddie, and Susannah first set up camp and where they encounter the bear.

The Twelve Guardians

These were created by the Great Old Ones to stand guard at the twelve portals leading into and out of the world...

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