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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is called the Son of Man in the Burial of the Dead?
(a) All unborn children
(b) Christ
(c) The reader
(d) The narrator

2. In the Burial of the Dead, what God shows up in the tarot cards?
(a) The God of War
(b) The God of Love
(c) The God of Fertility
(d) The God of Wine

3. In the Burial of the Dead, what frightens Marie?
(a) The snow
(b) Sledding
(c) A bear
(d) A mountain

4. According to this poet, what is the cruelest month?
(a) July
(b) June
(c) April
(d) August

5. According to the narrator of the Burial of the Dead, what clutches?
(a) Roots
(b) Thorns
(c) Branches
(d) Memories

6. What negative side effect does Lil experience from the medication?
(a) It weakens her
(b) It ages her
(c) It keeps her from having children
(d) It puts her in pain

7. In a Game of Chess, what type of perfume does the rich woman own?
(a) Synthetic
(b) Antique
(c) Floral
(d) Natural

8. Who is bid farewell to over and over at the end of a Game of Chess?
(a) Sweet children
(b) Sweet friends
(c) All of those listed here
(d) Sweet ladies

9. In the Burial of the Dead, what do hyacinths symbolize?
(a) Friendship
(b) Love
(c) Spring
(d) Resurrection

10. In the Burial of the Dead, what is the person with the hyacinths called?
(a) The Teacher
(b) Sweetheart
(c) The Man
(d) Hyacinth Girl

11. What does the narrator fear disturbs the thing that was planted in a garden?
(a) Arsenic
(b) Snow
(c) Mice
(d) Frost

12. What insult is given at the end of the Burial of the Dead?
(a) Heathen
(b) Liar
(c) Stranger
(d) Hypocrite

13. Who hurt Philomel in a Game of Chess?
(a) The King
(b) Her husband
(c) Her uncle
(d) Robbers

14. What does someone postpone in the first part of the Burial of the Dead?
(a) Joining the war
(b) Getting married
(c) Going to school
(d) Traveling home

15. What time is important in the Unreal City?
(a) The strike of 7
(b) The strike of 12
(c) The strike of 9
(d) The strike of 8

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Lil?

2. What words are repeated to Lil in a Game of Chess?

3. What is wrong with Madame Sosostris?

4. What does the narrator warn Lil will happen if she does not give Albert what he wants?

5. In the Burial of the Dead, what is not found under the red rock?

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