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Essay Topic 1

There are many foreign languages used in this poem. What is the significance of using foreign languages?

Essay Topic 2

The figure of Philomel is included in many sections of this poem. Who is she and why is she included in this poem?

Essay Topic 3

All of the seasons are described at the beginning of the poem. Why is this, and what does this foreshadow?

Essay Topic 4

Phlebas is a strange character. Who is he, and how does he appear in this poem?

Essay Topic 5

Lil is a very important character in the story. Why is this and what message does her presence send?

Essay Topic 6

The Unreal City is mentioned a number of times. What is the Unreal City and why is this city important to the narrator?

Essay Topic 7

Historical figures are included in this poem. Who are they, and what effect does this inclusion...

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