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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank say Eric did to the neighbors' dogs when he came home from school?
(a) He buried them alive.
(b) He kicked them.
(c) He tied them to trees.
(d) He lit them on fire.

2. Where does Frank see the animal on fire through his binoculars?
(a) On the shore.
(b) In a house.
(c) In town.
(d) On a hill.

3. After learning she is a girl, how does Frank feel about the murders she committed?
(a) Like they were out of character.
(b) Like they were for nothing.
(c) Like they were good decisions.
(d) Like they were crimes.

4. What does Frank see on a phone pole in "The Prodigal"?
(a) A dollar bill.
(b) An animal ear.
(c) A note from Eric.
(d) His picture.

5. Where does Frank say he got the clock from for the factory?
(a) The dump.
(b) His father's office.
(c) The store.
(d) His mother's bedroom.

6. When does Frank see the police officer head to his house in "What Happened to Me"?
(a) About a day after Eric set the fire.
(b) When he leaves the house himself.
(c) After he finds Eric sleeping.
(d) While he is talking to his father.

7. What does Frank do after putting a wasp in the factory?
(a) Smokes a cigarette.
(b) Shakes it up.
(c) Lights candles.
(d) Confesses his sins.

8. What demand does Frank make of Angus at the end of "The Prodigal"?
(a) To know the truth.
(b) To stop Eric.
(c) To leave him alone.
(d) To get them to safety.

9. In "The Prodigal," what does Frank see next to his father's bottle of whiskey?
(a) A broken glass.
(b) A book.
(c) A telephone.
(d) A letter.

10. How is Angus able to put things in Frank's food?
(a) Because he always cooks.
(b) Because he grows his own produce.
(c) Because Frank leaves the table often.
(d) Because he sneaks it in at night.

11. In "Running Dog," what does Frank say about his feelings for Eric?
(a) He is sad.
(b) He is excited.
(c) He is angry.
(d) He is proud.

12. In "Space Invaders," what does Frank say women are meant to do?
(a) Be beaten.
(b) Stay out of public.
(c) Have babies.
(d) Be quiet.

13. In "The Wasp Factory," where does Frank put the wasp's coffin?
(a) In front of Old Saul's skull.
(b) In his pocket.
(c) In the backyard.
(d) Under his bed.

14. In "Running Dog," what does Frank use his binoculars for?
(a) To see into town.
(b) To see across the ocean.
(c) To see a vacation home.
(d) To spy on Angus.

15. When does Frank say he felt like he started losing Eric as a brother?
(a) When Eric went to college.
(b) After Frank's accident.
(c) When Agnes came back.
(d) After Eric went to boarding school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank say made Eric start drinking when he was going to college?

2. In "Space Invaders," what does Frank say about Eric?

3. What does Frank ask Eric on the phone in "The Wasp Factory"?

4. What makes Frank question his parents being the same person?

5. In "The Prodigal," why does Frank say his father is a coward?

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