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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Space Invaders," what does Frank say is true about his relationship with Eric?
(a) They can get crazy together.
(b) They hate each other.
(c) They understand each other.
(d) They love each other.

2. After learning she is a girl, how does Frank feel about the murders she committed?
(a) Like they were for nothing.
(b) Like they were out of character.
(c) Like they were good decisions.
(d) Like they were crimes.

3. What does Frank compare space invaders to?
(a) England.
(b) The animal kingdom.
(c) Modern man.
(d) Ancient man.

4. What does Frank say made Eric start drinking when he was going to college?
(a) Frank doesn't know for sure.
(b) Taking too many classes and a bad break up.
(c) Caring for a child and taking too many classes.
(d) A bad break up and experience caring for a child.

5. Where does the burned dog end up in "Running Dog"?
(a) A creek.
(b) Behind a rock.
(c) An animal hospital.
(d) Under a tree.

6. Where does Eric call from in "The Wasp Factory"?
(a) A truck stop.
(b) A vacation home.
(c) A hospital.
(d) A pay phone.

7. When does Eric come home from college?
(a) After his second year.
(b) After his third year.
(c) After his first year.
(d) After his fourth year.

8. What does Frank do after seeing the animal on fire through his binoculars?
(a) He starts yelling.
(b) He keeps watching.
(c) He runs away.
(d) He tries to find it.

9. While in Angus' study, what makes Frank cry?
(a) The test tubes.
(b) The family picture on the desk.
(c) The genitals in a jar.
(d) The potent chemicals.

10. What does Frank ask Eric on the phone in "The Wasp Factory"?
(a) If he felt strong emotion.
(b) If he feels like dying.
(c) If he loves life.
(d) If he is close to home.

11. What does Frank see on a phone pole in "The Prodigal"?
(a) An animal ear.
(b) A note from Eric.
(c) A dollar bill.
(d) His picture.

12. What demand does Frank make of Angus at the end of "The Prodigal"?
(a) To leave him alone.
(b) To get them to safety.
(c) To know the truth.
(d) To stop Eric.

13. When Eric first starts college, what career does he choose?
(a) Philosophy.
(b) Law.
(c) Education.
(d) Medicine.

14. In "The Prodigal," what does Frank see next to his father's bottle of whiskey?
(a) A book.
(b) A telephone.
(c) A broken glass.
(d) A letter.

15. How does Frank get the key to Angus' study?
(a) He doesn't need it because the door is unlocked.
(b) He finds it in Angus' coat pocket.
(c) He steals it from Angus' car.
(d) He asks for it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Frank use his catapult on the dog in "Running Dog"?

2. In "Running Dog," what does Frank say a real man handles?

3. In "Space Invaders," what does Frank say men should do?

4. What death does the wasp choose in "The Wasp Factory"?

5. What medical condition does Eric suffer from?

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