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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is behind each number on the clock?
(a) A door.
(b) A mirror.
(c) A bullet.
(d) A hole.

2. In "The Wasp Factory," where does Frank put the wasp's coffin?
(a) Under his bed.
(b) In front of Old Saul's skull.
(c) In the backyard.
(d) In his pocket.

3. In "The Prodigal," why does Frank say his father is a coward?
(a) Because he refuses to fight Eric.
(b) Because he runs away from Eric.
(c) Because he keeps his study locked.
(d) Because he admits to being afraid.

4. Why does Angus give Frank androgen?
(a) To eliminate her sex drive.
(b) To confuse her.
(c) To test a theory.
(d) To keep Frank thinking he is a boy.

5. When Eric first starts college, what career does he choose?
(a) Law.
(b) Medicine.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Education.

6. While in Angus' study, what makes Frank cry?
(a) The genitals in a jar.
(b) The potent chemicals.
(c) The family picture on the desk.
(d) The test tubes.

7. Why does Angus say he told Frank that she doesn't have a birth certificate?
(a) So she couldn't run away.
(b) So she wouldn't find out the truth.
(c) So she couldn't go to school.
(d) So she would feel scared.

8. Why does the one child Eric cared for have a plastic plate in its head?
(a) Because of a mistake made during surgery.
(b) Because the child was in an accident.
(c) Because the child was born with a hole in its head.
(d) Because of a medical experiment.

9. What makes Frank question his parents being the same person?
(a) A note he finds in Angus' study.
(b) A picture of Agnes.
(c) Something Angus says to him.
(d) Their similar names.

10. Why does Angus say he kept the plastic genitals?
(a) To look at.
(b) To confuse Frank.
(c) To make a mold.
(d) To test a new experiment.

11. In "The Prodigal," what does Frank use his binoculars to see?
(a) Eric.
(b) His father.
(c) Animals.
(d) A fire.

12. What does Frank see on a phone pole in "The Prodigal"?
(a) A dollar bill.
(b) An animal ear.
(c) A note from Eric.
(d) His picture.

13. In "Space Invaders," what does Frank say about Eric?
(a) He is dangerous.
(b) He is like a woman.
(c) He is beautiful.
(d) He is insane.

14. What does Angus tell Frank about his accident?
(a) Angus set the whole thing up.
(b) It let him test female hormones on Frank.
(c) Agnes set the whole thing up.
(d) It gave him the chance to make Frank think he was a boy.

15. In "Space Invaders," how does Frank decide to try to contact Paul?
(a) With a telephone.
(b) Through the factory.
(c) With telepathy.
(d) Through Old Saul's skull.

Short Answer Questions

1. After learning she is a girl, how does Frank feel about the murders she committed?

2. Why do Frank's bombs explode in "The Prodigal"?

3. What does Frank do when he finds Eric sleeping in "What Happened to Me"?

4. What does Angus say he puts in Frank's food?

5. What happens when Frank believes he enters Eric's body in "The Wasp Factory"?

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