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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-5)


Louis L'Amour is the author of "The Warrior's Path." The objective of this lesson is to discuss Louis L'Amour and his writing.


1) Research: Read biographical information about Louis L'Amour. Write the answers to these questions: When and where was L'Amour born? What were his growing up years like? How many siblings did he have? What did his parents do? What did L'Amour's grandfather tell him stories about? What was the importance of libraries in L'Amour's life? How was L'Amour educated as a child? What did L'Amour do during the seven years his family went on the road? What were some jobs that L'Amour held? What were his war time experiences? When and how did he die?

2) Class discussion: Use reference materials as needed. How long had L'Amour thought he would be a writer? What did he first think he would write? Where did his poetry...

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