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Compare Your Life to a Character's Life

Compare your life to the life of one of the characters in the novel.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show Kin and Yance's travels.

Read a Sackett Book

Read another book about the Sacketts written by Louis L'Amour.


Research slavery in the 1600s and prepare an oral or written report discussing what you learn.

Locations of Indian Tribes

Research Indian tribes in the 1600s and create a poster that shows where various tribes were located during that time period.

Rafe Bogardus

Discuss with a partner the kind of life Rafe Bogardus might have after losing the fight with Kin.

What Happened to Pittingel

Write a paragraph or two discussing what might have happened to Pittingel.

The Wedding

Draw a sketch of Diana and Kin's wedding.

Abigail Model

Make a model of the "Abigail."

Alternate Ending

Write an alternate...

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