The Warrior's Path Character Descriptions

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Kin Ring Sackett

This character is a woodsman who helps locate kidnapped girls in America and the West Indies.

Diana Macklin

This character is kidnapped to be sold into slavery and some think she is a witch.

Yance Sacket

This character helps find two girls who are kidnapped in America.

Max Bauer

This character is a dangerous man who follows someone who is looking for white slavers in the West Indies.


This character is an African who becomes a slave while he is selling slaves to Europeans.

Carrie Penney

This is a girl who is kidnapped and someone the villagers would have gone after if she alone had been captured.

Joseph Pittingel

This character seems to be running a slaving operation and is a person of high stature and well-respected in his community.

Madam Adele Legare

This character was taken into slavery, but survives and becomes a...

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