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Chapter 1-5

• Kin Ring Sackett is in the woods hunting for a bear and hoping to see his brother Yance.

• While in the woods, he sees an old Indian who appears to be hurt.

• Leary that the Indian might be a decoy, he watches cautiously while the Indian comes near him fearing that those who hurt the Indian will hurt him too.

• Finally he decides he cannot watch a man die, so he goes out to him and sees that the Indian has been shot.

• The Indian mistakes Kin for Vance and tells him that Mrs. Penney sent him.

• Temperance is Vince's wife and her maiden name is Penney.

• The Indian tells Kin that Pequot Indians took Temperance's little sister Carrie and Carrie's friend Diana Macklin.

• Since none of the people in the village will go looking for the girls, Temperance has sent for Yance because he and...

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