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Cinda Williams Chima
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Will not want Linda to drop him off at his house at the end of the weekend?
(a) There is still mulch to be spread.
(b) He is afraid his parents are angry with him.
(c) He wants to spend more time with Linda.
(d) He wants to avoid his many younger siblings.

2. What does Nick tell Jack is the main product among agents in the Trade?
(a) Wizards.
(b) Fake Weir stones.
(c) Fake genealogies.
(d) Warriors.

3. Why does Dr. Longbranch want to take baby Jack with her to England in the prologue?
(a) She does not trust Becka to keep quiet about the surgery.
(b) She is afraid Becka cannot care for him properly.
(c) She always wanted kids.
(d) To protect him from others because his value has doubled due to the surgery.

4. Who once brought Linda to these ruins and told her of the tragedy that took place there?
(a) Lee.
(b) Becka.
(c) Carrie.
(d) Nick.

5. In Chapter 9, what happens when Hastings drives Jack home to get Shadowslayer before their practice session?
(a) Hastings flirts with Becka.
(b) Mercedes makes Hastings leave.
(c) Nick and Hastings argue.
(d) Hastings is rude to Becka.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object does Mr. Hastings want Jack to move with nothing but his magic?

2. At the beginning of Chapter 8, what type of fighting are Jack and Mr. Hastings participating in?

3. How many people appear to be searching for Jack as he makes his way home?

4. Why does Will quickly agree to go to Coalton County with Jack and his aunt in Chapter 2?

5. In Chapter 8, what problems does Jack point out about the Rules of Engagement?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 2, where does Becka tell Jack she has gotten a fellowship for that summer?

2. What habit have Hastings and Becka gotten into since Jack's recovery? How does Jack feel about Becka's continuing presence?

3. Why does Linda file a grievance to stop Jack from participating in the Games? Who else files a grievance?

4. What is Raven's Ghyll? Why has Hastings decided to take Jack there through the back way?

5. What does Jack tell Nick about missing his medication? What does Nick say about Jack's reaction?

6. For what reason does Linda tell Jack that Hastings wants to make Jack fight in the Games?

7. What do Ellen and Jack still do even though they are no longer required to train to fight in the Games? For what reason?

8. In Chapter 7, how does Hastings force Jack to manifest his powers?

9. Who confronts Jack after the championship game? What happens?

10. What surgery did Dr. Longbranch perform on Jackson Swift as an infant? For what reason?

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