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Cinda Williams Chima
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hastings hope will happen before Linda finds out Jack is playing in the Games?
(a) Becka will convince her of Jack's worth.
(b) Jack will win.
(c) Linda will be killed.
(d) It will be over.

2. Why does Linda claim that Jack's status as a warrior should be overruled?
(a) He is not fully trained.
(b) He is underage.
(c) He is a wizard by blood.
(d) He was made, not born.

3. Who accuses Hastings of using charms to influence the outcome of the games?
(a) Paige.
(b) Longbranch.
(c) Wylie.
(d) D'Orsay.

4. In Chapter 12, how does Jack disable Dr. Longbranch?
(a) He allows Linda to enchant her.
(b) He hits her on the head with a bed pan.
(c) He touches her shoulder and releases magic into her.
(d) He casts a spell on her.

5. What is the first charm Jack conjures to protect himself from Ellen?
(a) He causes her to become immobile.
(b) He makes her sword turn into rubber.
(c) He conjures a barrier between them.
(d) He throws her into the crowd.

6. What speculations does Hastings make about the Red Rose's champion?
(a) He or she is young.
(b) He or she is not well experienced.
(c) He or she is much better than Jack.
(d) He or she has been in training for only a short time.

7. What is the shape of Jack's scar from the surgery he underwent as an infant?
(a) A long, jagged line.
(b) Heart-shaped.
(c) Star-shaped.
(d) Circular.

8. In Chapter 12, what does Dr. Longbranch guess from Jack's physical condition?
(a) He is too weak to fight in the Games.
(b) He has stopped taking the medicatioin and has been training.
(c) He could fight in the Games even while still taking the medication.
(d) He is still taking the medication.

9. What new weapon has Jack added to his arsenal since taking the memories of Jeremiah Brooks?
(a) A musket.
(b) A dagger.
(c) A bow and arrow.
(d) An axe.

10. What new fighting skills does Jack have after Hastings bonds his memories with Jeremiah's?
(a) Hatchet throwing.
(b) Close knife fighting.
(c) Martial arts.
(d) Bar fighting.

11. Whom does Fitch see outside of a Christmas shop, apparently hunting for someone?
(a) Linda.
(b) Ellen.
(c) Leesha.
(d) Becka.

12. What group does Hastings accuse Linda of abandoning to rescue Jack?
(a) The Shakesperean Group.
(b) The Trinity High School summer camp.
(c) The Chaucerian Group.
(d) The Trinity High School Soccer club.

13. Whom does Hastings make threats against?
(a) Becka.
(b) Will.
(c) Dr. Longbranch.
(d) Linda.

14. Who calls Ellen a killer and encourages her to kill Jack even after she has declared a truce?
(a) Paige.
(b) Wylie.
(c) D'Orsay.
(d) Hastings.

15. What feature of Hastings' house does Becka extoll to Jack?
(a) The kitchen.
(b) The television room.
(c) The library.
(d) The garden.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Simon Paige say to Jack before the hearing on the grievances against Jack?

2. According to Linda in Chapter 14, who is waiting for Jack and her in Oxford?

3. What emblem appears on Jack's tunic for the Games?

4. According to Hastings in Chapter 13, who lives in the area where his family home is located?

5. Becka thinks Jack's ailment is really a ___________.

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