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Cinda Williams Chima
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen: Cumbria.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Linda gain entrance into the courthouse in Coal Grove?
(a) Through a basement door.
(b) Through a window.
(c) Through a garage door.
(d) Through a back door.

2. Where did Dr. Longbranch get the stone that she implanted in Jack?
(a) From a distant relative of Jack's.
(b) A White Rose warrior killed by Red Rose agents.
(c) From Jack's father.
(d) A warrior who died in the Games.

3. Who does Linda tell Jack are the most powerful among the weirs?
(a) Enchanters.
(b) Wizards.
(c) Healers.
(d) Warriors.

4. According to Hastings, what regulates everything at the Games?
(a) The champions.
(b) The Rules of Engagement.
(c) The Master of Ceremonies.
(d) The council.

5. What is the occupation of Lee's father?
(a) Bookkeeper.
(b) Sailor.
(c) Merchant.
(d) Farmer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused Jack to stay up too late the night before his soccer tryouts?

2. In Chapter 12, what does Dr. Longbranch guess from Jack's physical condition?

3. What stone should Dr. Longbranch have inserted in Jack during the surgery?

4. One whole room of Nick's apartment is dedicated to _____________.

5. What does Mr. Hastings tell Jack is the first step to controlling his powers?

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