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Cinda Williams Chima
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two: The Road Trip and Chapter Three: Digging Up Dead Relatives.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shortage does Dr. Longbranch hope Jack's surgery might prove an end to?
(a) Organ donors.
(b) Warriors for the Games.
(c) Wizards.
(d) White Rose members.

2. What type of surgery does Jack believe Dr. Longbranch performed on him when he was an infant?
(a) Brain surgery.
(b) Liver surgery.
(c) Lung surgery.
(d) Heart surgery.

3. From what point of view is the novel written?
(a) First person.
(b) Third person omniscient.
(c) Third person limited.
(d) Authorial voice.

4. Who is with Becka in the kitchen when Jack awakes in Chapter 2?
(a) Mercedes.
(b) Nick.
(c) Linda.
(d) Will.

5. From what war does Lee's neighbors think the 'bandits' who attacked Lee's family were remnants of?
(a) The Civil War.
(b) The Spanish-American War.
(c) The Mexican War.
(d) The Revolutionary War.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the cause of death listed for Susannah Downy in the courthouse records found in Chapter 3?

2. What does Jack consider as Nick's specialty when it comes to school subjects?

3. Why does Jack believe in Chapter 3 that Linda did not ask him to drive?

4. What is Becka not good at that Jack had to take control of as a young child?

5. In what year does Lee's story take place?

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