Objects & Places from The Warrior Heir

Cinda Williams Chima
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Trinity, Ohio

This is a small Midwest college town with streets that are lined with ancient maples and oak trees. Many of the houses are stately Victorian homes.

Lakeside Club

This is the location of an important party.

Coal Grove

This is the town where Shadowslayer is recovered.

Bluebird Cafe

This is a cafe across from the courthouse in the town where Shadowslayer was recovered.

Coal Grove Regional Library

This is housed in a red brick building that was once the schoolhouse.

Munroe Township

This is the region where Susannah Downey lived and died.


This is the sword that once belonged to Susannah. It creates its own light.


This is the name for the scabbard that can be worn over the shoulder that came with the Shadowslayer.


This is special medicine used to suppress powers.

The Trade

This is a black market that deals in...

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