The Warrior Heir Character Descriptions

Cinda Williams Chima
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Jackson (Jack) Swift

This character is caught in the middle of an ancient war. Sought by both sides, he ends up fighting from a neutral position and winning an important truce.

Will Childers

This character, who is on the high school soccer team and plays a trumpet in the jazz band, is kidnapped in order to force another character to make a choice between two sides in an ancient war.

Harmon Fitch

This character is called by the character's last name due to a first name that is less than common.

Linda Downey

This character saved another character at birth by insisting on an unusual surgery that saved the baby's life.

Becka Swift

This character is a lawyer with a PhD in medieval literature.

Ellen Stephenson

This character is a young person who moved to Trinity in order to get close to, and possibly kill, another character.

Leander Hastings (aka Lee Hastens; A Hastynges)

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