The Warrior Heir Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cinda Williams Chima
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Prologue: Old Stories

• Jack Swift is born a wizard, but a doctor inserts a warrior's crystal into his chest as an experiment.

• Jack's aunt convinces the doctor to allow his parents to keep him and to give him some medicine that will suppress his powers.
• A hundred years before Jack's birth, Lee comes home to find his family massacred.

• Lee accidentally leads the murderers to Carrie.

• Lee swears revenge on the killer, Wylie.

Chapter One: The Flying Lobeck

• Jack forgets to take his medication in the rush to get to school.

• During soccer tryouts Jack feels great and acts somewhat aggressively against a boy who has been causing him trouble all day.

• Jack is reminded by multiple people to take his medicine when he gets home.
• Two men ask the soccer coach about his five best players and take his list of those who tried out.

• Jack talks...

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