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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sophie need?
(a) Quiet time.
(b) A new wand.
(c) Her brother.
(d) A new staff.

2. How does Sohpie understand about the ritual they are doing?
(a) From having the Witch of Endor's memories.
(b) By reading Tsagaglalal's mind.
(c) Through a book Nicholas had her read when he was teaching her.
(d) By reading Perenelle's mind.

3. What idea does Virginia like?
(a) Being empress over all.
(b) Making John Dee beg for her help.
(c) Getting a new flute.
(d) Killing Josh.

4. Why does Aten figure he will die?
(a) For letting Death escape.
(b) For helping Tsagaglalal.
(c) For killing a vimana.
(d) For helping Marethyu.

5. For what does Dee say the release of the monsters is?
(a) A way to bring out the other players in the game.
(b) A distraction.
(c) A demonstration of his power.
(d) Entertainment.

6. What do Machiavelli and Billy the Kid think about Virginia?
(a) That she can be convinced to betray John Dee.
(b) That she has little power.
(c) That she is thoroughly under Dee's thumb.
(d) That she cannot be trusted.

7. Whose actions does Tsagaglalal discuss with Sophie?
(a) Perenelle.
(b) Josh.
(c) Others who have prepared the path for Sophie and others.
(d) Nicholoas.

8. For how long has Abraham followed Sophie's ancestry?
(a) 100,000 years.
(b) 10,000 years.
(c) 1,000 years.
(d) 1,000,000 years.

9. Where are the former prisoners flying?
(a) Over the Danu Talis.
(b) Over the area that will some day be San Francisco.
(c) Over the area that will someday be Stonehenge.
(d) Over the mouth of the volcano.

10. What does Mars move to do?
(a) Attack Perenelle.
(b) Hit Tsagaglalal.
(c) Attack Prometheus.
(d) Attack Sophie.

11. What does the Sorceress hope to do in this situation with Nicholas?
(a) Communicate with his unconscious mind before he dies.
(b) Heal him completely.
(c) Follow his soul to the afterlife.
(d) Give him one more day.

12. About what does Abraham explain in his letter to Sophie?
(a) Timelines.
(b) Service and duty.
(c) Paradoxes.
(d) Convergences.

13. What does Tsagaglalal say is a tradition?
(a) A seance before making plans.
(b) For everyone to leave their weapons at the door.
(c) For everyone to get along at her house.
(d) For everyone to party before a big battle.

14. What does Virginia begin to do with her flute?
(a) Awaken the creatures.
(b) Turn John Dee to stone.
(c) Hypnotize Dee.
(d) Hypnotize Machiavelli.

15. About what is Virginia curious?
(a) Dee's plan.
(b) How Billy the Kid gained immortality.
(c) If John Dee intends to live through his encounter with the old gods.
(d) Why John Dee angered so many of the old gods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Machiavelli tell Dee?

2. Why was a war ship in the volcano?

3. Who is worn out from his trip?

4. What does Tsagaglalal say about when Sophie and Josh meet?

5. What does Nereus ask?

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