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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Virginia go overboard earlier?
(a) She falls overboard by accident.
(b) She wanted to swim with the Nereid.
(c) She thought she could fend off the Nereid with her flute.
(d) A Nereid had grabbed her flute.

2. Who else is in the Jeep?
(a) Perenelle and Nicholas Flamel.
(b) Just Sophie.
(c) Just Perenelle.
(d) Josh and Virgina.

3. Why must Danu Talis sink?
(a) Cassandra says it must or the universe is lost.
(b) The world in the future will not exist.
(c) The fates cannot be wrong and they predicted it.
(d) It does not have to sink; it is sinking because of a huge glacier.

4. What does Josh agonize about concerning Sophie?
(a) That Sophie is having a difficult time getting away from the Flamels.
(b) That he failed to protect Sophie.
(c) That Sophie will not love him anymore.
(d) That Sophie is in grave danger.

5. Who do two teens watch walk past them?
(a) A young man with a sword.
(b) A strange-looking creature.
(c) A large, seemingly harmless drunk.
(d) A young girl with a staff.

6. Who is Hel?
(a) Odin's niece.
(b) Odin's daughter.
(c) One of Odin's wives.
(d) One of Zeus' many wives.

7. What does Scathach feel about this new prison?
(a) It will be easy to escape.
(b) She's not sure she can escape it.
(c) It can't be escaped but can be moved.
(d) Nothing.

8. With whom are the Elders working?
(a) Atlas.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Hades.
(d) Osiris and Isis.

9. Who is becoming a beautiful gold statue?
(a) Abraham.
(b) Coatlicue.
(c) Nittan.
(d) Prometheus.

10. Who has kept Mars safe?
(a) Perenelle.
(b) Dee.
(c) Abraham.
(d) Zephaniah.

11. Where does the couple appear?
(a) Near Big Ben.
(b) Near Buckingham Palace.
(c) At Point Zero.
(d) Near the Louvre.

12. About what are Billy the Kid and Machiavelli unhappy?
(a) Taking orders from John Dee.
(b) Letting loose the creatures on Alcatraz.
(c) Having Virginia Dare there.
(d) Taking orders from Josh.

13. Into what had Dee changed Josh?
(a) A gargoyle.
(b) A giant.
(c) A shadowraith.
(d) A nechoromancer.

14. What does Scathach say about the Flamels?
(a) They need to learn compassion.
(b) Death and destruction follow them.
(c) They are essentially good.
(d) They are self-centered.

15. From where is Sophie escaping?
(a) An old jail in San Francisco.
(b) An underground dungeon near Seattle.
(c) Dee's liar.
(d) Alcatraz.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Prometheus want to tell Abraham?

2. What couple enters where the Anpu are?

3. What do the teens plan to do?

4. Who does Perenelle try to calm?

5. Who created the anpus?

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