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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose plans have become more grandiose?
(a) Abraham the Mage.
(b) Prometheus.
(c) John Dee.
(d) Mars.

2. What does Scathach recognize as belonging to the Anpu?
(a) The arrows.
(b) The Vimanas.
(c) The electrical generated wave.
(d) The white light.

3. Where does the couple appear?
(a) Near Big Ben.
(b) At Point Zero.
(c) Near Buckingham Palace.
(d) Near the Louvre.

4. What will Abraham soon be?
(a) Immortal.
(b) An avenger.
(c) A traitor.
(d) Gone.

5. When was Perenelle told her future?
(a) She has refused to hear of her future.
(b) Hundreds of years ago.
(c) While she was on Alcatraz a few days ago.
(d) Fifty years ago.

6. What does Dee tell Josh to do?
(a) Bribe the Nereids.
(b) Yell for Machiavelli.
(c) Ask the Nereids for safe passage.
(d) Drive through the Nereids.

7. What does Josh use to save them?
(a) Hypnotizes the Nereids.
(b) Nothing; John Dee saves them.
(c) The abilities of another whose memories he has.
(d) Jumps the boat as if on a ski ramp.

8. For what does Perenelle need Sophie and Tsagaglalal?
(a) For their powers.
(b) For their auras.
(c) She does not need them.
(d) For the energy.

9. About what does Scathach think?
(a) How she has always freed her friends in trouble.
(b) About how death feels.
(c) About stopping a volcano.
(d) About sacrifice.

10. Who are the Sack Men following?
(a) Nitton.
(b) Sophie.
(c) John Dee and his companions.
(d) Perenelle and her companions.

11. About what are Billy the Kid and Machiavelli unhappy?
(a) Having Virginia Dare there.
(b) Letting loose the creatures on Alcatraz.
(c) Taking orders from John Dee.
(d) Taking orders from Josh.

12. Why does Perenelle ask to be alone with Nicholas along with Sophie and Tsagaglalal?
(a) He wants to make last-minute plans.
(b) To transfer his memories to Sophie.
(c) To heal him.
(d) He has several secrets to tell her.

13. What is happening to Aten's body?
(a) It is changing colors.
(b) It is shrinking.
(c) It is elongating.
(d) It is becoming transparent.

14. Who else is in the Jeep?
(a) Josh and Virgina.
(b) Just Sophie.
(c) Perenelle and Nicholas Flamel.
(d) Just Perenelle.

15. What does Prometheus want to tell Abraham?
(a) That the shadowrealms are becoming solid.
(b) That the shadowrealms are disappearing.
(c) That the earth plane is fading.
(d) That the strangers have appeared.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Perenelle feel about Nicholas dying?

2. About what does Perenelle tell Sophie and Tsagaglalal?

3. What does Billy the Kid ask Josh?

4. Where are Nicholas and Perenelle's allies?

5. What does Dee not know about the Codex?

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