The Warlock Short Essay - Answer Key

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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1. Who is the author of the Prologue and what does she say about Nicholas Flamel?

The Prologue is written by Prenelle Flamel on the night that Nicholas Flamel, her husband, might die. He has used the last of his strength to track Josh and Dr. John Dee.

2. How does Dr. John Dee change Josh and why?

Dee changes Josh into a nechromancer in order to have Josh call forth Coatlicue, an Archon.

3. Who goes into Xibalba and what do they do?

Anpu, tall jackal-headed warriors, poured out of a cave surrounding Xibalba. The Anpu search Xibalba to make certain it is deserted so that a couple can enter.

4. What happens to Coatlicue just after John Dee brings her into the world?

John Dee's London office is on fire. Moments before, Sophie, arrives and painfully whips the beautiful and defenseless archon Coatlicue Dee had just brought into the world. Aoife then jumps on Coaticue's back and drags her into her Shadowrealm.

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