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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 45-48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Into what had Dee changed Josh?
(a) A gargoyle.
(b) A giant.
(c) A shadowraith.
(d) A nechoromancer.

2. Why does Aten figure he will die?
(a) For helping Marethyu.
(b) For letting Death escape.
(c) For helping Tsagaglalal.
(d) For killing a vimana.

3. Where are Odin, Hel and Black Hawk headed after picking up their passenger?
(a) They are not sure; they are going to be looking for energy signals.
(b) Fisherman's wharf.
(c) Tsagaglalal's home.
(d) Alcatraz.

4. Who does Abraham send to do the same job for the males of Sophie's lineage?
(a) No one as the men did not need protection.
(b) Tsagaglalal's brother.
(c) Mars.
(d) Abraham himself went.

5. What does Billy the Kid tell Josh?
(a) The monsters are ready to be released on San Francisco.
(b) That someone so young as Josh can't have much power.
(c) That Josh is being used by Dee.
(d) That Billy does not approve of what Dee wants to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sophie not want the other women to know?

2. How many years have Scathach, Joan of Arc, Saint-Germain, Palamedes, and William Shakespeare stepped back in time?

3. What is lost to Josh?

4. With whom is Sophie escaping?

5. Where does Perenelle want to go?

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