Objects & Places from The Warlock

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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Shadowrealms - These are the various worlds created after the fall of Danu Talis.

San Francisco - This is the location of much of the story.

Danu Talis - This is also known as Atlantis and is being fought over.

Vimana - These are the flying saucers and other vessels that are used to protect Danu Talis.

Notre Dame - This is a Point Zero in Paris.

Paris, France - This is the location of the meeting between Isis, Osiris, and Zephaniah.

Alcatraz Prison - This is where the monsters are housed until they can be released on the world.

Crystal Tower - This is the home of Abraham the Mage.

Pier 14 - This is where Nicholas uses a simple spell to transform the Lotan back into its original form, an egg.

The Codex, The Book - This is a very important book that contains all the...

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