Objects & Places from The Warlock

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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These are the various worlds created after the fall of Danu Talis.

San Francisco

This is the location of much of the story.

Danu Talis

This is also known as Atlantis and is being fought over.


These are the flying saucers and other vessels that are used to protect Danu Talis.

Notre Dame

This is a Point Zero in Paris.

Paris, France

This is the location of the meeting between Isis, Osiris, and Zephaniah.

Alcatraz Prison

This is where the monsters are housed until they can be released on the world.

Crystal Tower

This is the home of Abraham the Mage.

Pier 14

This is where Nicholas uses a simple spell to transform the Lotan back into its original form, an egg.

The Codex, The Book

This is a very important book that contains all the information of the world.

Strands of Time

These take place after...

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