The Warlock Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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Prologue, Chapters 1-4

• The prologue is written by Perenelle Flamel. Her husband, Nicholas, is dying, having used the last of his strength tracking John Dee.

• Dee has changed Josh into a nechromancer and had Josh call forth Coatlicue, an Archon.

• Josh did not join his sister when she arrived. He stayed with Dee. All of Nicholas's allies are trapped in various places.

• Sophie, Josh's sister is somewhere in San Francisco and Perenelle must find her and instruct her. This was foretold in prophecy.

• A couple steps into a cave and comes out dressed in white with black sun glasses at Point Zero before the Cathedral in Paris.
• Sophie goes to Dee's office in Paris and with the help of Aoife sends Coatlicue back to her Shadowrealm. Dee and Josh run.

• Dee tells Josh that Coatlicue would have remade the world into a paradise. Josh doesn't trust Dee but...

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