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Short Answer Questions

1. Who meets Harding at the train station when he goes home?

2. Who says, "Don't you know that their attorneys have noticed us that they have withdrawn the suit"?

3. What does Harding plan to sell to pay his consultation fees?

4. What is the last name of Tom, who works at a powerful newspaper?

5. When does Harding say he will resign from the old men's home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Eleanor tells Mary that she cannot marry Bold?

2. How does Bold react when he comes home and finds Eleanor there crying?

3. What does a second newspaper article say about Harding and the lawsuit against him?

4. What is Grantly's idea for how Harding can remain employed?

5. Why does Harding rush to find Sir Abraham as soon as he gets to London?

6. How does Tom seem to feel about his position at the newspaper?

7. How is Harding's resignation received, over all?

8. What happens to the beadsmen when their warden resigns?

9. Why does Sir Abraham think Harding has come to see him?

10. Why does Harding plan to sell his furniture when he resigns?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the relationship between John Bold and his sister Mary. Describe how Bold and Mary interact with each other. What sense do you get about their dynamic? Why do you think they have such a close relationship? What techniques does the author use to portray their closeness to the reader? Why do you think he presents a brother and sister who are five years apart with such a close relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the relationship between Harding and the bishop. Why do you think they are so close? How are they alike? How they different? How do they interact with each other? What role does the bishop play for Harding?

Essay Topic 3

Explore the character of Anticant. Why is it important that Anticant cannot see anything other than "good" and "evil" within a person's motives? How does this relate to the novel as a whole? Who else in the novel seems to have trouble seeing any gray area when it comes to good and evil?

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