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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, The Warden's Decision—Chapter 14, Mount Olympus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much is Harding's little cottage worth a year?
(a) 100 pounds.
(b) 80 pounds.
(c) 120 pounds.
(d) 60 pounds.

2. How much money are the beadsmen hoping to collect a year if Harding is fired?
(a) 500 pounds.
(b) 200 pounds.
(c) 100 pounds.
(d) 50 pounds.

3. How many copies of the newspaper that publishes a story about the lawsuit against the warden are sold each time it comes out?
(a) 10,000.
(b) 500,000.
(c) 100,000.
(d) 40,000.

4. Grantly plans to win the case against Harding by saying he has what role at the hospital?
(a) Warden.
(b) Servant.
(c) Priest.
(d) Nurse.

5. Grantly compares the newspaper that speaks badly of the warden to what in America?
(a) Indian tribes.
(b) The Irish gangs.
(c) The mob.
(d) Congress.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Harding say he is going at the beginning of Chapter 13, "The Warden's Decision"?

2. How does Harding feel at the end of Chapter 10, "Tribulation"?

3. What does Harding call Eleanor as a nickname?

4. How often does the newspaper that publishes a story about the lawsuit against the warden come out?

5. Who says, "God bless you, sir, we know you was always our friend"?

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