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Hiram's Hospital

This location is a charitable institution where old men live.

The Jupiter

This is the most widely-read newspaper in England.

Church of England

This is also called the Anglican Church and was founded by King Henry VIII as an alternative to Catholicism.


This is the fake name the narrator assigns to a cathedral town in England.


This location is where most of the faster-paced action happens in the story. It is the location of a popular newspaper and many of the lawyers.

Mr. Harding's violoncello

This object is the warden's favorite possession and he pretends he is using it when thinking.

Crabtree Parva

This location is a small country estate owned by the warden. This is where he plans to live after resigning.

John Hiram's Will

This object assigns a certain amount of money to the beadsmen, and states that the rest of the...

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