The Warden Character Descriptions

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Reverend Septimus Harding

This character is a kind, mild priest and the warden at Hiram's Hospital.

Dr. Theophilus Grantly, Archdeacon

This character, who is cold and legalistic, is a clergyman in the parish. This character wants to keep the lawsuit against the warden going, excited about smashing the opposition.

John Bold

This character is a Barchester surgeon who decides to reform the corruption at the hospital.

Mary Bold

This character, who is sweet and kind, encourages their sibling to withdraw from a lawsuit.

Eleanor Harding

This character is the child of the warden and is in love with the person who is suing him.

Susan Grantly

This character is the warden's oldest child.

The bishop

This character is the father of a legalistic clergyman and is the warden's best friend.

Old Bunce

This character is the sub-warden and the most loyal of the beadsmen.

Sir Abraham Haphazard


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