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Chapter 1, Hiram's Hospital—Chapter 2, The Barchester Reformer

• Centuries before the story opens, John Hiram wills his land to the local church as a home for the old and destitute men of Barchester, a made-up town.

• Hiram's Hospital becomes a valuable piece of property.

• The revenue of the property goes to the warden, the man in charge of the hospital, who pays for the expenses of its inmates out of a stipend.

• As the story begins, the reader meets the warden, Reverend Septimus Harding, who gives the residents extra income out of his own pocket, because he wants to take care of them.
• John Bold, a young surgeon, has taken on the role of reformer and thinks that Harding should be giving more of his income to the residents of Hiram's Hospital.

• Hearing about agitation and reforms in other churches, some of the old men at the hospital begin...

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