Objects & Places from The War That Saved My Life

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
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Blood on the Floor

This symbolizes Ada’s attempts to try to teach herself how to walk.

Ada’s Clubfoot

This is a handicap that symbolizes the hatred a mother has for her crippled daughter. It prevents a girl from living life until she breaks free from her mother.

Mam’s Cabinet

This is a symbol of torture, because it is a place where a girl must spend time when her mother wants to punish her.

“The Swiss Family Robinson”

This is a book that Ada believes has an unrealistic view of life and how it works.

Blackout Curtains

These symbolize the rules made during war time, and they prevent any light from showing outside of buildings.

A Welt

This represents an unjust punishment. This is what happens to Jamie when his hand is tied to prevent him from writing with his left hand.

Anderson Shelter

This is...

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