The War That Saved My Life Character Descriptions

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
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Ada Smith

This character is born with a clubfoot and is abused by her mother. When she is evacuated to the country she learns to walk and ride a horse.

Susan Smith

This character reluctantly takes in two children who are evacuated to the country. She is mourning the death of a friend, and she does not think she can care for children.

Lady Thorton

This character is the head of the Women’s Volunteer Service, her daughter is at boarding school, and her husband and son are serving in the war.


This character is the abusive mother of a son and of a daughter with a clubfoot. She only had children because her husband wanted children.


This character is evacuated to the country with his sister. When he goes to school, a teacher punishes him for writing with his left hand instead of his right hand...

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