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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cody's dad say about dolphins?
(a) Makes you wish you were a fish.
(b) Too bad they're just fish.
(c) Crazy life for a mammal.
(d) Makes you want to draw them.

2. After the wave hits, who pulls Sophie below the hatch?
(a) Brian.
(b) Uncle Dock.
(c) Uncle Stew.
(d) Uncle Mo.

3. Of the GPS, ham radio, and radar, what is still working after the massive wave?
(a) The ham radio and radar.
(b) Only the ham radio.
(c) None of them.
(d) Only the radar.

4. How many miles has The Wanderer traveled, at the beginning of Chapter 35?
(a) Around 800.
(b) Around 1,800.
(c) Around 1,300.
(d) Around 2,300.

5. Where are Sophie and Cody, when Sophie tell him the story of Bompie at the ocean?
(a) In the galley.
(b) At the helm.
(c) At the masthead.
(d) In their bunks.

6. When the winds pick up, what do the sailors do to the mainsail?
(a) They let it out to make it bigger.
(b) They attach it to an additional sail.
(c) They bring it down and replace it with a wind-sail.
(d) They tie it to make it smaller.

7. Who ends up staying behind to start the repair work on The Wanderer?
(a) Uncle Mo.
(b) A hired man.
(c) Uncle Stew.
(d) Uncle Dock.

8. In Sophie's story, what do Bompie and his father do after Bompie brings his father a pie?
(a) They laugh.
(b) They hug.
(c) They argue.
(d) They cry.

9. After the destructive wave hits the boat, how does Cody say he feels?
(a) As if he's in a prison.
(b) As if he's watching a movie.
(c) As if he's a part of the ocean.
(d) As if he's having a dream.

10. What does Uncle Dock injure in the wave?
(a) His back.
(b) His neck.
(c) His leg.
(d) His arm.

11. What does Uncle Stew do for a living?
(a) He is an accountant.
(b) He manages an apartment building.
(c) He sells insurance.
(d) He is a medical assistant.

12. What does Uncle Mo give his family as presents?
(a) Stories.
(b) Drawings.
(c) Apples.
(d) Notebooks.

13. What purpose do end knots serve?
(a) To secure lines to the mast.
(b) To stop lines from slipping through gromments.
(c) To stop lines from pulling away from the deck fastenings.
(d) To secure lines to each other.

14. How does Cody contact the ship?
(a) Flag signals.
(b) UHF radio.
(c) Ham radio.
(d) VHF radio.

15. In Sophie's story, where does Bompie go to see the ocean?
(a) New Jersey.
(b) Maine.
(c) South Carolina.
(d) Virginia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cody do after dreaming about Sophie's story about Bompie and his father?

2. The first night out on the ocean, what appears in the water around the boat?

3. How fast are the winds?

4. How does Cody feel about his father's lessons in radio code?

5. Who does Sophie ask for more information about Rosalie and Uncle Dock?

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