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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of ship does Cody contact?
(a) A Canadian warship.
(b) A French cargo ship.
(c) An American cruise ship.
(d) A South American tanker.

2. What does Cody do after dreaming about Sophie's story about Bompie and his father?
(a) Cody gets up and wanders restlessly around the boat.
(b) Cody wakes up Sophie.
(c) Cody wakes up his father.
(d) Cody goes up and sits on the deck, staring at the water.

3. In Sophie's story, what do Bompie and his father do after Bompie brings his father a pie?
(a) They cry.
(b) They hug.
(c) They laugh.
(d) They argue.

4. In the two-person watches at the beginning of the ocean voyages, who is Sophie on duty with?
(a) Uncle Dock.
(b) Uncle Stew.
(c) Uncle Mo.
(d) Cody.

5. What does Sophie think, as the wave breaks over her and she is inside the water?
(a) Hold that breath, Sophie.
(b) The wave, oh, the wave!
(c) This is it, Sophie.
(d) Stay facing up, Sophie.

6. How does Rosalie appear, when the travelers arrive at the house where she is?
(a) Confused.
(b) Sad.
(c) Happy.
(d) Angry.

7. What do Brian and Sophie notice about the dolphins?
(a) They seem not to notice the boat and its crew.
(b) They seem afraid of the boat and its crew.
(c) They seem to want to investigate the boat and its crew.
(d) They seem to trust the boat and its crew.

8. How do the travelers get from Ireland to Wales?
(a) Through a tunnel.
(b) On a ferry.
(c) On a bridge.
(d) In a plane.

9. After the wave hits, who becomes "Mr. Fix-It"?
(a) Uncle Dock.
(b) Cody.
(c) Uncle Mo.
(d) Brian.

10. Where does Cody prefer to by during the storm?
(a) Below deck, eating.
(b) On deck, trying to fix things.
(c) Below deck, sleeping.
(d) Up in the bosun's chair.

11. Why does Sophie keep waking up Cody?
(a) She wakes him for his shift on watch.
(b) She can't sleep.
(c) She's having nightmares.
(d) She keeps asking questions.

12. What river do the travelers cross to get to England?
(a) The Avon River.
(b) The Wye River.
(c) The Severn River.
(d) The Dee River.

13. What does Uncle Stew do for a living?
(a) He sells insurance.
(b) He manages an apartment building.
(c) He is a medical assistant.
(d) He is an accountant.

14. What similarity does Brian notice and comment on among Sophie's Bompie stories?
(a) Bompie always gets into trouble in water.
(b) Bompie always tells the truth about his accidents.
(c) Bompie always creates conflict with other people.
(d) Bompie always disobeys his father.

15. In Dock's story about the little girl, who does the girl go to live with immediately after her parents die?
(a) Her grandfather.
(b) Her grandmother.
(c) Her uncle.
(d) A foster family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cody sleep on his first night at Bompie's house?

2. What does Cody tell his father, as the sail-less boat is whipped by the waves?

3. What poem does Dock recite from, when the boat reaches sight of land?

4. What purpose do end knots serve?

5. What does Uncle Mo say that his job is?

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