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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Sophie's story, how does the little kid feel when people say the kid's parents have gone to heaven, a wonderful place?
(a) Suspicious.
(b) Angry.
(c) Contented.
(d) Abandoned.

2. What is the difference between the wave in Sophie's dream and the wave that hit the boat?
(a) Its color.
(b) Its size.
(c) Its shape.
(d) Its texture.

3. In Sophie's story, what do Bompie and his father do after Bompie brings his father a pie?
(a) They hug.
(b) They laugh.
(c) They cry.
(d) They argue.

4. The first night out on the ocean, what appears in the water around the boat?
(a) Sea turtles.
(b) Phosphorescent plankton.
(c) Gulper eels.
(d) A seaweed forest.

5. What job does Uncle Stew get?
(a) A job with a company that charts the ocean's bottom.
(b) A job with a company that tracks ocean temperatures.
(c) A job with a company that tracks fish populations.
(d) A job with a company that makes sail boats.

6. What does Brian insist Sophie is doing regarding her parents?
(a) Repressing.
(b) Lying.
(c) Ignoring.
(d) Forgetting.

7. What does Cody's dad say about dolphins?
(a) Too bad they're just fish.
(b) Makes you wish you were a fish.
(c) Crazy life for a mammal.
(d) Makes you want to draw them.

8. What does Uncle Mo say that his job is?
(a) Paper-pusher.
(b) Artist.
(c) Number-cruncher.
(d) Plumber.

9. How does Cody feel about his father's lessons in radio code?
(a) He hates them.
(b) He is disinterested in them.
(c) He enjoys them.
(d) He finds them boring.

10. In his story about Rosalie, what does Uncle Dock trade for a boat rental?
(a) His bicycle.
(b) His fishing rod.
(c) His camera.
(d) His tackle box.

11. What does Cody tell his father, as the sail-less boat is whipped by the waves?
(a) That he's sorry he's always fooling around.
(b) That he knows everything will be okay.
(c) That he's sorry for them fighting.
(d) That he doesn't want to die.

12. What does Sophie wish, as the travelers cross through Wales?
(a) That they would get to Bompie's quicker.
(b) That they would stop more.
(c) That they could go home.
(d) That they would never see the sea again.

13. What river do the travelers cross to get to England?
(a) The Wye River.
(b) The Avon River.
(c) The Dee River.
(d) The Severn River.

14. What does Uncle Dock injure in the wave?
(a) His back.
(b) His neck.
(c) His leg.
(d) His arm.

15. Of the GPS, ham radio, and radar, what is still working after the massive wave?
(a) Only the ham radio.
(b) The ham radio and radar.
(c) None of them.
(d) Only the radar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What breaks in the wind?

2. What goes wrong with the boat's mainsail?

3. What does Brian accuse Sophie of, when she's upset about the job she gets?

4. How does Cody contact the ship?

5. After the wave hits, who becomes "Mr. Fix-It"?

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