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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sophie compare the experience of the wave to?
(a) Being baptized.
(b) Being in a washing machine.
(c) Being a fish.
(d) Being born.

2. After the wave hits, who becomes "Mr. Fix-It"?
(a) Uncle Dock.
(b) Cody.
(c) Uncle Mo.
(d) Brian.

3. What does Uncle Stew do for a living?
(a) He is an accountant.
(b) He sells insurance.
(c) He manages an apartment building.
(d) He is a medical assistant.

4. What does the crew of The Wanderer do while they eat their food, after arriving on land?
(a) Nothing.
(b) They talk wildly among themselves.
(c) They sing a song.
(d) They tell their story to strangers.

5. How does Rosalie appear, when the travelers arrive at the house where she is?
(a) Confused.
(b) Angry.
(c) Happy.
(d) Sad.

6. What level does Uncle Dock say the gale is?
(a) Force-eleven.
(b) Force-nine.
(c) Force-ten.
(d) Force-eight.

7. What is the difference between the wave in Sophie's dream and the wave that hit the boat?
(a) Its texture.
(b) Its shape.
(c) Its color.
(d) Its size.

8. In Sophie's story, how does the little kid feel when people say the kid's parents have gone to heaven, a wonderful place?
(a) Suspicious.
(b) Angry.
(c) Abandoned.
(d) Contented.

9. What job does Sophie always end up with in the windstorm?
(a) Fastening the boom.
(b) Bailing out the water.
(c) Handling the helm.
(d) Managing the jib.

10. What does Sophie wish, as the travelers cross through Wales?
(a) That they would stop more.
(b) That they could go home.
(c) That they would get to Bompie's quicker.
(d) That they would never see the sea again.

11. What river do the travelers cross to get to England?
(a) The Avon River.
(b) The Wye River.
(c) The Dee River.
(d) The Severn River.

12. What not-so-good news do the travelers get when they call home?
(a) They learn that Sophie's parents have been frantic with worry.
(b) They learn that Cody's mother is leaving his father.
(c) They learn that Bompie is unwell.
(d) They learn that a job prospect for Stew has fallen through.

13. What is the word for D in radio code?
(a) Delta.
(b) David.
(c) Daisy.
(d) Dock.

14. Who brings Bompie an apple pie?
(a) Cody.
(b) Uncle Mo.
(c) Uncle Stew.
(d) Uncle Dock.

15. What kind of knot does Cody learn from Sophie?
(a) A clove hitch.
(b) A power cinch.
(c) A double constrictor knot.
(d) An alpine coil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animals come to The Wanderer on its way out of the Bay of Fundy?

2. Where are Sophie and Cody, when Sophie tell him the story of Bompie at the ocean?

3. What does Cody do after dreaming about Sophie's story about Bompie and his father?

4. What does Uncle Dock injure in the wave?

5. Where does the crew of The Wanderer go to get food once they arrive on land?

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