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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section V - Wind and Waves.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sophie think, as the wave breaks over her and she is inside the water?
(a) Hold that breath, Sophie.
(b) Stay facing up, Sophie.
(c) This is it, Sophie.
(d) The wave, oh, the wave!

2. Why did Sophie's family move?
(a) Sophie's mother missed the Kentucky mountains.
(b) Sophie's mother got a new job.
(c) Sophie's father wanted to be near his family.
(d) Sophie's father inherited a house.

3. What does Uncle Dock call the competitiveness among boat owners in Martha's Vineyard?
(a) Boat bombast.
(b) Boat attitude.
(c) Boat envy.
(d) Boat boxing.

4. What does Cody's dad say about dolphins?
(a) Too bad they're just fish.
(b) Makes you want to draw them.
(c) Makes you wish you were a fish.
(d) Crazy life for a mammal.

5. How does Cody feel about his father's lessons in radio code?
(a) He is disinterested in them.
(b) He enjoys them.
(c) He finds them boring.
(d) He hates them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sophie's mom say that Bompie remembers his stories?

2. What question does Brian ask Cody?

3. What type of ship does Cody contact?

4. What does Uncle Mo say that his job is?

5. After the wave hits, who becomes "Mr. Fix-It"?

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