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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section III - The Island.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sophie think Cody is a good teacher?
(a) He teaches them a song to help them learn.
(b) He uses pictures to help teach.
(c) He makes funny jokes.
(d) His lesson starts simply and gets more complicated.

2. Which of the following is not one of the "lands" Sophie is usually in?
(a) Dreamland.
(b) Lala-land.
(c) Earthland.
(d) Mule-land.

3. What does Cody think about all the stops The Wanderer makes?
(a) He thinks Uncle Dock seems to be stalling the main voyage.
(b) He thinks the stops are perfect.
(c) He thinks they should stay longer at their destinations.
(d) He worries that the stops are setting them behind schedule.

4. In the story Sophie tells, what does Bompie tell himself while he rushes to get to the other side of the river?
(a) Oh no, oh no!
(b) Mush-ye, mush-ye!
(c) Giddy-up, giddy-up!
(d) Gosh almighty, gosh almighty!

5. How does Sophie feel about climbing all the way up to the bosun's chair?
(a) She is excited to climb up.
(b) She is frightened to climb up.
(c) She doesn't let anyone know how she feels about it.
(d) She is willing to climb up, but doesn't really care.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does Sophie give Cody when he feels stuck on Grand Manan?

2. Who does most of the cooking and cleaning on the ship?

3. What does Sophie's mother do when Sophie calls?

4. Who ends up driving Sophie to Connecticut?

5. What does Uncle Mo do most of the time while the group is working on the boat?

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