Objects & Places from The Wall Jumper

Peter Schneider (writer)
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This location is the primary setting of the book and contains a wall separating it into east and west sections.

Berliner Ensemble

This is a theater company founded by Bertold Brecht after World War II.


This is a wooded area in Saxony where Michael Gartenschläger goes to steal a deadly self-activating robot detonator.

Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD - Federal Republic of German)

This region, with its capital in Bonn, is made up of the American, British, and French sectors of occupation following World War II.

Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR - German Democratic Rep)

This region is made up of the Soviet sector of occupation after World War II.


This area is mentioned in regards to mainly a three-story, privately-owned villa in its wooded outskirts.

Friedrichstrasse Station

This is the main entry point for travelers from the West that marks the end of the S-Bahn...

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