The Wall Jumper Character Descriptions

Peter Schneider (writer)
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The Narrator

This character lives in West Berlin and tells stories.


This character lives in East Berlin and is the source of a number of stories about Wall jumpers.


This character is obsessive, lives with a partner in Berlin, and feels out of place in the West.


This character is a former East Berlin writer fond of vodka.

Wolf Biermann

This character is a controversial German poet who lives in East Berlin.

Walter Bolle

This character is a repeat offender of the DDR's border restrictions who is imprisoned.


This character is a worker in an East German television plant.

Aunt Dora

This character is vivacious, lives in Dresden, and was married to a mining executive.

Michael Gartenschläger

This character is imprisoned, steals a robot in Bonn, and is riddled with bullets.


This character is known for jumping the Wall and is sent...

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