The Wall Jumper Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Peter Schneider (writer)
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Chapter 1

• The Narrator lives in Berlin, a scarred yet living city separated by the Wall.

• The Wall has just gone up when the Narrator moves to Berlin.

• After the initial shock, West Germans see it as a symbol of a detested social order.

• The Narrator lives in an apartment building formerly owned by the gentry.

• The back apartments are peaceful.

• Up front, two bars lease the bottom floor, one German and one Bolivian.

• Tenants rarely meet.

• The Narrator enjoys an elderly violinist's practicing.

• The Narrator first meets writer Robert in East Berlin before he is forbidden to publish.

• They meet regularly at Charlie's for pinball.

• Gerhard Schlater, the Narrator's first landlord in Berlin, is a boundless optimist until a love affair fails.

• He lets himself go physically and eventually moves East.

• On his first visit to the Wall, the Narrator watches bus loads of tourists wave to one...

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